深圳大学物理科学与技术学院,深圳市传感器重点实验室,深圳 518060

无机非金属材料; 低维材料; 化合物半导体; 纳米线; 化学气相沉积; 光致发光

Chemical vapor deposition growth and characterization of AlGaN nanowires
Cai Xingmin, Su Xiaoqiang, Ye Fan, Wang Huan, Liang Guangxing, Zheng Zhuanghao, Luo Jingting,Zhang Dongping, and Fan Ping

College of Physics Science and Technology, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Sensor Technology, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen 518060, P.R.China

nonorganic and nonmetallic materials; low dimensional materials; compound semiconductor; nanowire; chemical vapor deposition; photoluminescence

DOI: 10.3724/SP.J.1249.2015.06638


以Ga、金属Al颗粒或AlCl3·6H2O粉末及NH3为原料,利用化学气相沉积法生长AlxGa1-xN纳米线. 研究发现,气体的流速、基底有无催化剂、原材料及生长温度等都对其生长有影响. 在总流量固定的前提下,较高的NH3流量比会在基底上生长出致密的AlxGa1-xN纳米线. 同样生长条件下,在未经催化剂处理的Si基底表面没有观察到纳米线. 对于蓝宝石基底,催化剂存在与否都会生长出AlxGa1-xN纳米线. 研究表明,原材料对于AlxGa1-xN纳米线的生长和性能都有影响. 相比于AlCl3,以金属Al颗粒作为Al源,AlxGa1-xN纳米线能够在较大的温度范围内生长,且有较好的光致发光特性.

This paper reports the chemical vapor deposition growth of AlxGa1-xN nanowires with Ga, metallic Al particles or AlCl3·6H2O powders and NH3 as raw materials. It is found that the growth is mainly influenced by gas flow rates, substrates with or without catalysts, the rawmaterials, and the growth temperatures etc. If the total flow rate is fixed, denser AlxGa1-xN nanowires can be obtained with larger NH3 flow rate. Under same growth conditions, nanowires cannot be observed on the Si substrate if no catalysts are used, but catalysts are not necessary if sapphire substrate is used. Additionally, the raw materials affect the growth and properties of AlxGa1-xN nanowires. As compared with AlCl3 as the starting Al source, AlxGa1-xN nanowires can be fabricated in a wider temperature range by using the metallic Al particles as Al source. Moreover, the prepared AlxGa1-xN nanowires have better photoluminescence.