PENG Hao,MAO Xianghui,GU Yuantao,et al.UAV consensus control algorithm based on WPG[J].Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering,2019,36(No.5(473-598)):497-502.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1249.2019.05497]





UAV consensus control algorithm based on WPG
1)清华大学电子工程系,北京 100084
2)盲信号处理国家级重点实验室,成都 610041
PENG Hao1 MAO Xianghui1 GU Yuantao1 WANG Yongcheng2 and WANG Yu2
1) Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing 100084, P.R.China
2) National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Blind Signal Processing, Chengdu 610041, Sichuan Province, P.R.China
control theory consensus multi-agent system walk proximal gradient (WPG) altitude alignment unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
V279+.2; V249.1
基于游走近端梯度(walk proximal gradient, WPG)提出无人机的一致性控制算法,并在高度对齐场景下进行建模实验.验证了算法在有路由与无路由两种情况下的性能,并在无路由情况下将WPG算法进行推广,且将推广的WPG算法与基于Gossip的方法相结合.实验表明,在有路由情况下,算法可在有限的迭代次数下迅速收敛,且收敛精度高;在无路由情况下,算法具有很好的收敛性,并具有很高的通信效率,可大幅减小一致性过程中的通信开销.
Based on the walk proximal gradient (WPG), a cooperative control algorithm of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is proposed. The modeling and experiments are finished at the specific application scenario of altitude alignment. The performances of algorithm in the cases with routing table and without routing table are verified. We generalize WPG algorithm and combine it with the Gossip-based method in the case of routing. The experimental results show that in the case of routing, the algorithm converges quickly with limited iterations and has high convergence accuracy. When without routing, the algorithm has a good convergence with the high communication efficiency, which can greatly reduce the communication overhead in consensus progress.


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Foundation:National Natural Science Foundation of China (61531166005)
Corresponding author:Professor GU Yuantao.E-mail: gyt@tsinghua.edu.cn
Citation:PENG Hao, MAO Xianghui, GU Yuantao, et al. UAV consensus control algorithm based on WPG[J]. Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering, 2019, 36(5): 497-502.(in Chinese)
引文:彭浩,毛祥荟,谷源涛,等.基于WPG算法的无人机一致性控制[J]. 深圳大学学报理工版,2019,36(5):490-502.
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