Zhang Hewen,Cui Mingyue,Yan Xuemei,et al.Uniformly acidized lateral horizontal well with drawing coiled tubing[J].Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering,2016,33(3):234-240.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1249.2016.03234]





Uniformly acidized lateral horizontal well with drawing coiled tubing
中国石油勘探开发研究院廊坊分院, 河北廊坊 065007
Zhang Hewen Cui Mingyue Yan Xuemei He Anle Jiang Weidong Liang Chong and Yan Jun
Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration & Development-Langfang, Langfang 065007, Hebei Province, P.R.China
oil production acidizing carbonate reservoir fewer wells and higher production coiled tubing lateral horizontal well temporary plugging diverting
TE 357.2
As for deeply buried and heterogeneous carbonate reservoirs, which require long well-drilling periods with high cost, we carried a pilot test for lateral horizontal well with 4th-level well completion in Kazakhstan K oilfield in order to increase the well-controlled area and production rate of horizontal wells. Meanwhile, the process also aimed to enhance the degree of formation development and take full advantage of the idea of "fewer wells and higher production". Firstly, according to in-room laboratory test results, a clean self-diverting acid system was determined. The performance of the self-diverting acid in temporary blocking, retarding and low damage was tested. In practice, well trajectories of the two laterals were drilled in the pattern of three sections: vertical, angle increasing, and deviated. After the completion of the well, the secondary lateral was acidized by the diverting acid mixed with nitrogen, and the primary lateral was treated by drawing back coiled tubing. Subsequently, the two laterals went into operation at the same time. We optimize the treating pressure, the pumping rate, and coiled tubing drawing back velocity based on the formation, rock properties and physical properties of this oilfield. We calculate the skin factor after acidization. Results indicate that both of these two branches are acidized successfully thus restoring the productivity significantly, which implies broad application prospects of the lateral horizontal well drilling with acidizing technology in the oilfield.


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Foundation:National Science and Technology Support Program for the 12th Five-Year Plan of China (2008ZX05031)
Corresponding author:Senior engineer Cui Mingyue. E-mail: cmy69@petrochina.com.cn
Citation:Zhang Hewen, Cui Mingyue, Yan Xuemei, et al.Uniformly acidized lateral horizontal well with drawing coiled tubing[J]. Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering, 2016, 33(3): 234-240.(in Chinese)
作者简介:张合文(1982—),男,中国石油勘探开发研究院工程师、博士. 研究方向:油气藏增产改造. E-mail: etczhanghw@163.com
引文:张合文,崔明月,鄢雪梅,等.连续油管拖动均匀酸化分支水平井[J]. 深圳大学学报理工版,2016,33(3):234-240.
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