Mo Beixin,Huang Biao,Liu Li,et al.Utilization of stored mRNA during the germination of soybean radicle[J].Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering,2013,30(No.1(001-110)):84-90.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1249.2013.01084]





Utilization of stored mRNA during the germination of soybean radicle
1)深圳大学生命科学学院,深圳市微生物基因工程重点实验室,深圳 518060
2)深圳大学生命科学学院,深圳市海洋生物技术与生态环境重点实验室,深圳 518060
Mo Beixin1 Huang Biao1 Liu Li2 Ye Hao1 and Xu Xiaofeng2
1)College of Life Science, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Microbial Genetic Engineering, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen 518060, P.R.China
2) College of Life Sciences, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Marine Biological Resources and Ecological Environment, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen 518060, P.R.China
plant cell physiology storage mRNA seed germiantion soybean radicle transcription inhibitor α-amanitin translation inhibitor cycloheximide real-time PCR sucrose density gradient ultracentrifugation
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Although intensive studies have been conducted in seed germination, the exact requirements for germination is still poorly understood, particularly in terms of de novo RNA and protein syntheses. To find out if seeds can complete germination relying solely on stored mRNAs or stored proteins, transcription inhibitor α-amanitin and translation inhibitor cycloheximide were used to inhibit the synthesis of new mRNAs and new proteins of soybean radicles respectively. Germination of soybean radicles were observed after these treatments. Results show that, under the conditions of inhibition of transcription, soybean radicles are able to complete germination, but seedling growth stops. Under the conditions of the inhibition of translation, soybean radicles cannot complete germination. These results indicate that soybean radicle germination can rely on the mRNAs synthesized during seed development and stored in the dry seeds. The development of the seedlings cannot totally rely on stored mRNAs: newly synthesized mRNAs are required for this process. Also newly synthesized proteins are needed for soybean radicle germination. Fractionation of soybean radicle cell components by ultracentrifugation and quantification of mRNAs in different cell fractions by real-time PCR finds that mRNAs exist mainly in non-polysome structures in the dry seed while they exist mainly in the polysome after 4 hours of imbibition.This suggests that mRNAs are mainly in the state of storage in dry seeds. After imbibition, mRNAs move to polysome in the state of translation. Polysome profiles in different times of imbibition also reflect the movement of mRNAs during the germination process.


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Foundation:National Natural Science Foundation of China (30970265)
Corresponding author:Professor Mo Beixin. E-mail: bmo@szu.edu.cn
Citation:Mo Beixin, Huang Biao, Liu Li, et al. Utilization of stored mRNA during the germination of soybean radicle [J]. Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering, 2013, 30(1): 84-90.(in Chinese)
作者简介:莫蓓莘(1966-),女(汉族),江西省修水县人,深圳大学教授. E-mail: bmo@szu.edu.cn
引文:莫蓓莘,黄彪,刘丽,等.储存mRNA在大豆胚根萌发过程的作用[J]. 深圳大学学报理工版,2013,30(1):84-90.
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