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Seismic vulnerability analysis of vertical pile-supported wharf structure(PDF)

Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering[ISSN:1000-2618/CN:44-1401/N]

2022 Vol.39 No.4(363-488)
Research Field:
Architecture & Civil Engineering


Seismic vulnerability analysis of vertical pile-supported wharf structure
WU Zhihao1 CUI Chunyi1 LENG Qicheng1 XU Minze1 and SU Jian2
1) Department of Civil Engineering, Dalian Maritime University, Dalian 116026, Liaoning Province, P. R. China
2) College of Ocean and Civil Engineering, Dalian Ocean University, Dalian 116023, Liaoning Province, P. R. China
ocean engineering and technology vertical pile-supported wharf incremental dynamic analysis pile foundation damage seismic vulnerability exceedance probability
In order to study the seismic vulnerability of pile-supported wharf structure, taking a vertical pile-supported wharf as the research object and considering the influence of the site, seismic spectrum characteristics and the uncertainty of ground motion intensity, we establish a dynamic nonlinear numerical model of structure-foundation soil coupling of vertical pile-supported wharf by using the geotechnical finite element software of Midas GTS NX. Selecting the maximum strain of pile foundation in soil as the damage index, we obtain the seismic vulnerability curves and the corresponding damage state probability based on the the incremental dynamic analysis method. The analysis results show that when peak ground acceleration is less than 0.80g, the wharf structure is mainly in mild damage state or moderate damage state, otherwise the probability of serious damage basically exceeds 50% and the structure will lose operational capacity. Based on the vulnerability analysis of pile foundation damage in foundation soil, the influence of earthquake on the vertical pile-supported wharf is described from macroscopic and quantitative point of view, which can provide reference for seismic design and disaster prevention prediction of vertical pile-supported wharf.


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