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The Fourth Editorial Board Working Meeting of Journal
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  The Fourth Editorial Board Working Meeting of Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering was held on June 15, 2017. The participants included the editorial director, editor-in-chief, President Li Qingquan, the academic advisers of the Editorial Board, Academy Fellows Ni Jiazan and Fan Dianyuan, and other board members from different academic fields. President Li Qingquan, who currently serves as Editorial Director, Editor-in-Chief, conferred appointment letters to the academic advisers and the members of the new Editorial Board, and Professor Wei Yadong, the executive deputy editor, delivered a summary report on the work accomplished by the Journal over the past years. The newly appointed editorial board members, all experts in their own fields, made important comments and suggestions on and for the Journal’s directions of development, ranging from its academic positioning to editorial orientation, quality control, overall journal design, column innovation and the dissemination of research findings. At the Working Meeting, the Editorial Board Charter was also discussed and a consensus of opinion was reached.

   In his talk, President Li Qingquan stressed that Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering has been functioning as an important platform from which to display Shenzhen University’s influence in the academia. Efforts should be made in adjusting the columns of the Journal in line with the disciplinary development and restructuring pace of disciplines of the university, and innovation be made based on the characteristics of the industrialization development of Shenzhen. In this light, it is important to bring the initiative of the board members into full play by actively involving them in contributing and recommending papers, as well as in the planning and designing of journal issues and topics. Now that its positioning has been made clear, the Journal should endeavor to forge ahead with new ideas and new plans for reform and development as well as with good efforts to materialize all these new ideas and new plans. With regard to how a university journal should operate, President Li also offered his specific views. He opined that a university journal should not only run well in its role as an academic journal, but more importantly, it should, through the strength of the university, play the role of reinforcing the university’s exchange with the global academic community in various fields, and extend its global influence, so that it complies with international norms and practices, and becomes an internationally recognized journal of the highest standard.