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2021 Contribution Invited
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      The Journal of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering is a general science and technology academic journal, managed and produced by Shenzhen University, and published by Science Press. The Journal is recognized as a core Chinese science and technology journal by the Overview of Core Chinese Periodicals and the Statistical Source Journal for Chinese Science and Technology Articles. It is also indexed by many authoritative domestic and international databases, including the Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD), the Annual Report for Chinese Academic Joural Impact Factors (Natural Science), SCOPUS (based in the Netherlands), INSPEC (based in UK), EBSCO(based in USA),and Zentralblatt MATH (based in Germany). The Journal publishes articles and letters covering a wide range of fields, Electronics & Information Science, Optoelectronic Engineering,Architecture & Cvil Engineering, Bioengineering, Environmental Science & Energy, Transportation Logistics, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Materials Science,Mathematics & Applied Mathematics, and Physics & Applied Physics.

     With the support of the senior management of the university, the Journal has gained steady development and considerable achievement in recent years: evaluated as the authority journal (A+ level) in general natural science field; selected as CSCD (core periodical part)Source journal; titled as 2018、2020 Chinese University Excellent Science and Technology Journal; Awarded with the first price of 2015 Excellent Online Journal of Chinese Science and Technology Paper; won the Third Round Excellent Website of Chinese University Science and Technology Journal; won the Fourth Round Guangdong Excellent Science and Technology Journal, and the First Round Advanced Copyrights and Ethics Work Unit evaluated by the Research Institute of China University Science and Technology Periodicals. According to the statistics of Impact Factor Annual Report of Chinese Academic Journals (2016 Natural Science and Engineering version), the Journal’s 2020 impact factor was 0.738, and the 2020 5-year impact factor was 0.797.

      As a general science and technology academic journal, its development and improvement are closely linked with the continuous support and concern from its authors. In 2021, with the persistent aim at producing a quality journal, we will provide more considerate service for experts and scholars, creating a unique platform to present the research products, making the journal an important window for universities and colleges to promote science and technology.

     We warmly welcome high-quality contributions from researchers and scholars from around the world!