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  The JOURNAL OF SHENZHEN UNIVERSITY SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING (hereafter referred to as the JOURNAL), a comprehensive academic journal of science and engineering, is administered and managed by Shenzhen University and published by Science Press. In order to protect the legal rights and interests of both the JOURNAL and authors, and in addition to clarify the copyright property and ownership of the JOURNAL and authors, the following statement regarding manuscript copyright is made in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Copyright Law of the People’s Republic of China. 
  1. For any manuscript that is submitted to the JOURNAL , the authors should ensure that their submitted paper is their own original work, that the paper does not infringe any rights or disclose any secrets, and that no disputes of intellectual property shall arise in relation to the ranking of author names.
  2. The JOURNAL reserves the rights of compilation, translation, printing, electronic copying, network/email communication and distribution, with respect to any and all articles published in the JOURNAL. No other journals, media organizations, websites or individuals are allowed to republish, repost or by any other means copy, distribute, or publish articles from the JOURNAL, without the written authorization of the JOURNAL. However, all articles with copyright belonging to the JOURNAL may be read and downloaded for free in perpetuity for the purpose of individual study.
   3. The JOURNAL has entered into an agreement with the companies Wanfang Database, VIP Database, CNKI Database and SuperStar Database Platform, allowing these companies to (via digital means) copy, compile, distribute, and communicate through information networks the full texts of articles published in the JOURNAL.
  4. Journals, media organizations, websites and other collating sources that have received authorization from the JOURNAL to use its copyrighted articles, should declare the manuscript source as “JOURNAL OF SHENZHEN UNIVERSITY SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING”, or indicate the web-address when downloading or using articles from the JOURNAL; otherwise, such use will be deemed as copyright infringement. The responsible persons shall assume any and all liabilities for civil disputes, administrative penalties or other losses arising or resulting from the unauthorized republication or citation of articles from the JOURNAL. 
 Editorial Office of Shenzhen University Science and Engineering 
 20th June, 2015